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Premix Plaster S

Sprayable Cemenitious Premixed Plastering/Rendering Material

 Internal & external plaster on block walls and rough surfaces.
 Plastering on fairfaced concrete and precast panels subsequent to Spatter Dash scratch/key coat.
 Plastering to a thickness of 25 mm on vertical surfaces and 10 mm on overhead surfaces.
reference projects
Abu Dhabi
Construction time: 42 months. Built-up area: 150,000m2. Plot area: 27,000m2. Basement area: 27,000m2. Landscape area: 20,000m2. Area with water features: 5,000m2. Height: 186.2m. Description: Located in Abu Dhabi, the IPIC Headquarters primarily consists of two parts: (1) main office tower – 2 basement floors, a ground floor, a mezzanine floor, and 35 office floors, and (2) low-rise offices – 2 basement floors, 5 floors of tiered offices and a prayer hall. The main tower hosts the IPIC reception and office areas as well as the VIP offices. The building accomodates cafes and restaurants, a retail area, gymnasium and swimming pool.
IPIC - International Petroleum Investment Company
WS Atkins
Technical Information
Product Description

Premix Plaster S is a cement based plastering material composed of hydraulic binders (OPC), selected graded aggregates, fibers, and special additives. It is supplied as a dry powder in pre-weighed bags ready to use on site, which requires only the addition of clean water to produce cohesive mortar. Premix Plaster S is specially designed for application by spray machine and contains special shrinkage control additive and provides good adhesion with uniform color surface. Premix Plaster S can be applied at thicknesses ranging from 10 mm to 25 mm.


 Fast mixing application using spray machine
 Applied directly on normal block walls without the need for scratch/key coat.
 Factory controlled pre-blend ensures consistent high quality.
 Requires only addition of water on-site at the time of usage.
 Improved workability & curing.
 Easy application with uniform work flow enables high productivity & superior finishing.
 Strong adhesion on variety of substrates.
 Internal & external applications.
 Shrinkages control reduces surface cracks.
 Suitable for humid & dry conditions.
 Suitable for vertical & ceiling surfaces.
 Free from Asbestos, very low VOC

Compliance Standard

 BS EN 998 - 1
 BS EN 13914-1,2
 ASTM C-926
 ASTM C-897
 ASTM C-150 type I, EN 197-1

Packaging & Coverage

Premix Plaster supplied in 50 Kg Bag. Yield - 31 Liters. OR ~1.8 sqm at 15 mm thickness.

Shelf Life & Storage

Original sealed container of Premix Plaster has a shelf life of 12 months provided it is stored clear of ground in a dry shaded place at temperatures between +5ºC - 35ºC.

Grey Powder
Application Information
Instructions for use

Add to the mixing container 6.5-7.5 liters of water for each 50 Kg bag of Plaster. Add the powder to the water and mix with a mechanical plaster mixer or low speed electric drill fitted with a suitable paddle for 3-4 minutes, until a uniform, lump-free consistency is achieved. For application using Saveto plastering machine, the water flow rate is 300 - 400 Lit / hour @ 2.5 bar pressure. Monitor condition of rotor stator as it affects the water ratio. Mixed material should be used within 90 min.
Do not add water to the mix once the mixed mortar start to harden.

Smooth Concrete Surfaces
Apply Spatter Dash at 4 to 6 mm thickness and allow to cure sufficiently prior to the application of Premix Plaster S.

Premix Plaster S can be applied in a single or multiple layers on rough surfaces. On smooth surfaces it should be applied subsequent to the application of a spatter dash coat. Rod or level to a uniform thickness immediately then follow smoothing the material to the desired appearance.
For multiple layers allow the under coat to cure for 2-3 days. Apply second coat at thickness as described above to a desired appearance. After the surface appears stiff but still moist, follow the smoothing the material to achieve a desired appearance.

Premix Plaster S is best cured by spraying water on its surface every 8-12 hrs for a minimum of 3 days. During hot & dry conditions allow curing for minimum of 5 days. It will help to obtain high mechanical strengths and minimize the risk of surface cracks.

Surface Preparation

Substrate should be sound, clean, free from loose material, grease, laitance, dirt, curing compound, or any other substance that might impair the quality of bond with the substrate.
Prior to Plaster Application, soak the entire surfaces with clean potable water. The substrate should be saturated surface dry at the time of Plaster application.


Make sure the substrate is suitable for the application of plaster, in case of doubt, try on sample area to assess its suitability.
Do not apply the product under direct rain, extreme wind, and at temperatures below +5ºC or above +45ºC.
Tools should be cleaned with water before the mortar hardens. After the hardening its residuals can be removed mechanically.

Additional Information
Health & Safety

Premix Plaster S is highly alkaline therefore avoid direct contact with eyes or skin. It is recommended to use protective gloves and goggles during
application. Any skin contact should be washed with soap and water. In case of eyes irritation, immediately wash with copious amount of clean
cold water. Seek medical advice.
Premix Plaster S is non-fl ammable. and noncombustible (Class A1).
For further information, please refer to material safety data sheet.

Important note

Saveto endeavors to ensure that any advice, recommendations, information it may give, is accurate and correct. It cannot accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products, because it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specifi cation, recommendation or information given by us.
Saveto has the right to change any of the specifi cations mentioned in the Technical data sheets upon its discretion without prior notifi cation. Hard copies of TDSs are printed once or twice a year, while our technical data sheets are continuously being updated as per R&D improvements and new 3rd party testing; kindly refer to our website for the latest updated TDSs.

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