Concrete Repair
Concrete Repair
Technical Information

Saveto is a leading manufacturer of concrete repair materials in MENA area which include cementitious and epoxy resin based products, using our experience, knowledge to deliver cost effective solutions to new repair and renovation projects.


Our product range covers epoxy and polyurethane crack injection products, epoxy pastes structural and non-structural cement and Epoxy based materials.


Saveto works closely with all construction professionals Architects, Engineers, contractors utilizing experience, professional services and design services


Saveto provides various technical information and support such as:


  • CAD details,
  • Detailed method statements,
  • Specification clauses,
  • Application manuals,
  • Product selectors and technical support both in contractors and consultants offices as well as construction sites.
Products included in this system
Vetorep CR520

(Formerly known as Vetomortar CHR)

High strength structural repair mortar

Vetorep CR521

High strength structural non-shrink self-compacting micro concrete

Vetorep CR523

Single component cementitious fairing coat

Vetorep ER350

Twin pack epoxy putty, sealing, anchoring and leveling compound

Vetorep ER355

High strength, abrasion resistant epoxy based repair mortar

Vetorep ER357

Abrasion resistant epoxy based lining mortar

Vetorep ER450

Abrasion resistant flexible epoxy based transition mortar

Um Alqurra University, Hospital Project
Saudi Arabia
Alarrab Contracting Co.
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