Decorative Coating
Cementitious Coatings & Finishes

Cementitious polymer modified decorative textured finish coat for exterior and interior applications

External and internal building facades.
As a finish coat for of EIFS / ETICS systems.
Plastered, fairfaced concrete substrates and pre-cast panels.
Decorative effects: Marble finish, Mexican, Spanish, Antique, and Textured ...
Technical Information

Decorative Coatings play a vital role toward the final look of interior and exterior walls.


Saveto manufactures a wide range of construction chemicals and specialty products for various applications.  As leaders in the MENA region, Saveto provides a high range of cementitious Ddecorative special finish effects and textures products, with a wide color range that meets the client taste.


In our awareness of the market needs, Saveto Decorative Coating Systems are designed for interior and exterior building facades.

 As a finish coat, Saveto Decorative Coatings can be applied on Plastered, Fair Faced concrete substrates and Pre-cast panels. SAVETO Decorative coatings are an excellent choice as a finish coat for EIFS / ETICS systems.


Factory controlled pre-blend ensures the consistent high quality of Saveto Decorative Coatings. Easiness in application, with uniform work flow enable a high productivity and superior finishing.  Saveto Decorative Coatings improved workability, curing, and strong adhesion on variety of substrates.  Weather resistant and UV stable pigment properties, which provides resistance to fading and eliminates need for additional paint, classified Saveto Decorative Coating to be on the first choice for Façade design.





  • Factory controlled pre-blend ensures consistent high quality
  • Requires only addition of water on –site at the time of usage.
  • Provides profiled and scratched finishes.
  • Improved workability and curing
  • Easy application with uniform work flow enables high productivity and superior finishing.
  • Strong adhesion on variety of substrates.
  • Internal and external applications.
  • Weather resistant.
  • UV stable pigment provides resistance to fading and eliminates need for additional paint
  • Suitable for humid and dry condition.



Saveto provides various technical information and support such as:


  • CAD details,
  • Detailed method statements,
  • Specification clauses,
  • Application manuals,
  • Product selectors and technical support both in contractors and consultants offices as well as construction sites.
Products included in this system
Vetotouch EUROPA

Cementitious polymer modified decorative finish coat applied at thicknesses from 1 to 5 mm

Vetotouch TEXTURA

Acrylic polymer modified decorative finish coat applied at thicknesses from 3 to 20 mm

Vetotouch TYROLEAN

Exterior decorative textured render


Grooved decorative finish coat

Vetotouch MARMO

Marble chip decorative exterior and interior finishing system

Vetotouch SERENE

Cementitious polymer modified decorative finish coat applied at thicknesses from 1 to 3 mm

Instructions for use
Surface Preparation
Surface Preparation - Substrate should be sound, clean, free from loose material, grease, laitance, dirt curing compound, etc. - Uneven substrate, depending on the degree of deviation, various products are available from Saveto to be used as remedial repair to have a flat surface ready to receive the finish coats. - Clean the substrate surface with a putty blade and a semi wet cotton cloth. Please contact Saveto engineers for guidance.
Important note
SAVETO endeavors to ensure that any advice, recommendations, information it may give, is accurate and correct. It cannot accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products, because it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation or information given by us. SAVETO has the right to change any of the specifications mentioned in the Technical data sheets upon its discretion without prior notification.
Instructions for use
Mixture Preparation - Add 0.5 to 1.0 liter of Vetobond AB432 to the mixing water and adjust the water requirement accordingly for each 25 kg. - Pour the specified on the package quantity of water /mix enhancer - Start to add the dry mixture to the mixing vessel while stirring with a mechanical mixer at low speed. Stir until you get a homogeneous mixture without any dry lumps. Stirring & Mixing - Allow the stirred mixture to settle for about 10 minutes, then stir it again and proceed with application. - Mix the entire quantity needed to apply to the surface at once, if it is possible. - Do not add water to the mix once the mixed mortar start to harden Shaping & Decorative Finishing’s - A number of finishes and textures can be achieved for each of the products. The product choice depends on thickness and specifications of each project. Curing - Best cured by spraying an acrylic based curing compound on the surfaces of applied materials. - During hot and dry conditions allow curing for minimum of 5 days. It will help to obtain high physical properties.
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Abu Dhabi
Construction time: 42 months. Built-up area: 150,000m2. Plot area: 27,000m2. Basement area: 27,000m2. Landscape area: 20,000m2. Area with water features: 5,000m2. Height: 186.2m. Description: Located in Abu Dhabi, the IPIC Headquarters primarily consists of two parts: (1) main office tower – 2 basement floors, a ground floor, a mezzanine floor, and 35 office floors, and (2) low-rise offices – 2 basement floors, 5 floors of tiered offices and a prayer hall. The main tower hosts the IPIC reception and office areas as well as the VIP offices. The building accomodates cafes and restaurants, a retail area, gymnasium and swimming pool.
IPIC - International Petroleum Investment Company
WS Atkins
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