Plasters and Renders
Acoustic Plaster

High Quality Light weight Premixed Acoustic Plaster

Theaters and auditoriums.
Media and recording studios.
Boiler, chiller and machine rooms.
Where sound dampening is required.
Technical Information

Saveto is the first supplier in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide bulk supply of plaster products to projects with a complete end to end support of products, equipment and machinery as well as logistical support. The advanced plaster systems provided by Saveto Plasters increase efficiency, decrease waste all while being green low VOC products


Due to a shortage of skillful workers and an increase in complexity of material applications, job-site mortar operation was not able to adequately meet the demand on achieving specific performance and consistent quality requirements.

Hence SAVETO produced plaster and mortar materials in a special factory with dedicated facilities on batching and blending of all the necessary ingredients in highly-controlled process.

In this way, different types of dry-mix mortar products with well-defined properties and performance to meet specific requirements and applications can be produced.

The use of SAVETO premixed plaster and mortars not only increase significantly product performance but also guarantee a high degree of application reliability and consistency.

SAVETO Plaster premixed dry mortars ensure sand, cement and additives of known quality are blended exactly in the same ratio thus ensuring high degree of product performance and consistency in addition to technical and logistical support brings Premixed materials to its point of use.




Premixed materials to exact ASTM Standards.
Material contributes to LEED accreditation points.
Greater productivity and efficiency of labor force.
Inherently safe delivery method - lessens contractor liability.
Silo/mixer/pump function as single unit making for a efficient delivery system and cost Effectively brings Portland cement plaster and mortars to their point of use.
All materials are weighed prior to blending assuring consistency.
Material in Silo and bags is protected against weathering (rain, dust storms…etc.) spillage and theft...
Environmentally-friendly, re-useable silos, no dust or disposal of bags, no waste of product.


SAVETO plaster offers


  •  Technical support.
  • Hundreds of Silos serving the central & western region.
  • Hundreds of PFT machines (Germany).
  • Several Hundred Plaster Machines.
  • Several Hundred Silomats & Silojets (Pneumatic conveying system).
  • Tens of bulkers.
  • Production Capacity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia several million tons per year of bulk & bagged powder products


Products included in this system
Acoustic Plaster

High quality light weight premixed acoustic plaster

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